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Something a little more personal.

Since my move to California, there had been a lot of self-doubt about my level of talent and whether or not I should have made the choices I’ve made leading up to this point. As I’ve said in this, even when it seems as though everything’s not going well, life has a way of turning things around when you work hard enough to make that happen.

Even though what I’m saying is pretty much general knowledge, I made this more for myself than anyone else…but it’s something I hope someone could look at now and later. To remind themselves of their potential, whether they believe they have it or not. I myself still have a ways to go, but I continue creating art and remaining more hopeful than ever.

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Relevant to tumblr.

Relevant to existence.

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it’s midnight on october 1st

the government is shut down

nicolas cage is alone in his home


go for it, it’s not like we’re making good use of it right now anyways.

#The government’s going to need to go on a three year journey to find the Avatar to recover from that burn.

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Computer Science majors feel the same way. Believe me.

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Pixar can never top this.

No one can top this.

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  • author: she didn't want to eat dinner because she doesn't like chicken noodle soup
  • english teacher: even though it doesn't say it, we can infer that 17 years ago she encountered an attack from chickens while on a trip to africa visiting her great aunt who was dying from pneumonia which she got from chickens that were being harvested for the great feast
  • “Week before last I went to Wesleyan and read “A Good Man Is Hard to Find.” After it I went to one of the classes where I was asked questions. There were a couple of young teachers there and one of them, an earnest type, started asking the questions. “Miss O’Connor,” he said, “why was the Misfit’s hat black?” I said most countrymen in Georgia wore black hats. He looked pretty disappointed. Then he said, “Miss O’Connor, the Misfit represents Christ, does he not?” “He does not,” I said. He looked crushed. “Well, Miss O’Connor,” he said, “what is the significance of the Misfit’s hat?” I said it was to cover his head; and after that he left me alone. Anyway, that’s what’s happening to the teaching of literature.”
  • ― Flannery O'Connor
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I feel ya Calvin
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"The only writers who are NOT receiving rejection letters on a regular basis are those writers who are not submitting queries, articles, stories, or book proposals on a regular basis. Rejection is just part of the business of writing."

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Pope: ‘Who am I to judge’ gay people?

NBC News: Pope Francis on Monday said “who am I to judge?” gay people as he discussed one of the most divisive issues affecting the Catholic Church.  

“I have yet to find anyone who has a business card that says he is gay,” the pontiff said at a press conference in which he addressed the reports of a “gay lobby” within the Vatican.

“They say they exist. If someone is gay, who searches for the Lord and has goodwill, who am I to judge?” he added. 

Photo: Pope Francis, who gave a press conference on his flight back from Brazil, said he had stayed away from the gay marriage debate on his trip because he wanted to stay positive (Luca Zennaro / Pool via EPA)


No. Stop being excited about this. This isn’t new.

You know that “searches for the Lord” part? Yeah. The Church and its leaders have accepted gay people, supported their rights, and acknowledged that sexuality is not a choice for decades — as long as said people remain celibate, because it is an inherent part of Catholic doctrine that homosexual activity must be considered a sin. That teaching will never change. This does not mean the Church is going to change their stance on marriage equality, adoption rights, or gay people who choose to express their sexuality. It’s functional bigotry wrapped up in “it’s not a sin to BE gay it’s a sin to DO gay things!!!”

What she said ^

except the bigotry part. I don’t think that opting out of today’s fashionable beliefs is bigotry. Something that most people don’t seem to realize is that I am fully capable of loving and being kind to people who are doing things that I don’t like. Why is this so hard to grasp. Someone help me find a slogan that sums this up because I need a Tshirt.

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need my fix: badwolfcomplex: One thing you won’t see the media mob advertising...


One thing you won’t see the media mob advertising about Pope Francis’s recent interview: he reaffirmed that women priests are impossible and called for a deeper theology of women that will go beyond that issue. Now THAT is a big deal.

He also spoke on issues like curial…

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